This is the journey of a wife and mom on my way back to ME!!
The turning point for me was when my 3 year old son looked at me one day and said the one thing that broke my heart, but I needed to hear from someone else, "Momma, your tummy's so big"...that was it, all it took for me to realize I no longer recognized the person in the mirror. So I began day 1 at 295lbs and on my way back to ME!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was my first weigh in and.........................I'VE LOST 11 POUNDS!! I am so thrilled! I was really really hoping for double digits, and I got it!!!! Amazingly, I don't feel like my week was all that rough, either! In all truth, I could have done more!!! And this week that is my goal! Go one step further then last week. Park at the end of all the parking lots, make my mall lap 30 seconds faster.....etc!!! Last night my Pops and I started a local weight loss challenge! It is 12 weeks, so hopefully this will all pay off.... literally!!! The winner gets 50% of the pot!!!

On a bummer note: My body bugg wouldn't upload last night, so I have to call tech services this am to try to get it all figured out! I really hope it is nothing big, cause I NEED it!!! Fingers Crossed!

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