This is the journey of a wife and mom on my way back to ME!!
The turning point for me was when my 3 year old son looked at me one day and said the one thing that broke my heart, but I needed to hear from someone else, "Momma, your tummy's so big"...that was it, all it took for me to realize I no longer recognized the person in the mirror. So I began day 1 at 295lbs and on my way back to ME!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 11

Jillian just kicked my ASS!!! Just did The Biggest Loser, Last Chance workout DVD!! HOLY SHIT!! It totally sucked to get thru, but as always was totally worth when I finished!
This has been a busy week, and I really have not felt very productive. Definitely not like last week. Haven't gotten the chance to do my walk, which seems so pathetic, but it is an hour calorie burn, so I guess I just need to kick it into gear and do 2 videos a day if I don't get that in. So I am really pretty worried about the weigh in coming up! This is the first week of the WLC we signed up for as well, and that sucks for me, with the 11 lb drop last week.....I guess a loss is a loss, but I am really hoping for 5 lbs, but we will see?!?!?!
Food has been interesting this week as well, for the last 2 days I have had nowhere near my 1500 calorie intake. Yesterday was right around 1000 and today was only around 800...I wasn't trying to do that, just have been busier and having really thought about eating every couple of hours,..which on one hand is kind of a relief! I am sooooooooo tired of thinking about food, looking it up, calculating, measuring, adding, dividing..........UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I even do it in my sleep, last night was my worst night of sleep since Day 1, I tossed and turned all night cause I was portioning and calculating!!!! REALLY??!?!??!?!

Also, today was my first real "cheat"....went to Costco with the kids and had a jumbo hot dog and half a churro! So I will say they tasted soooooo good going down, but an hour later I felt like I had a giant rock in my stomach! It was awful!!! Not like I ate too much, just what it was, sitting there, it felt like it was going to be there FOREVER! So that was incentive enough not to eat like that again! In fact, while watching TBL last week, when Jillian had to eat all the fast food, I thought it was a load of crap of her overacting how bad it all was, but it was the truth with me....I could honestly FEEL the grease!

Well, fingers crossed for my next weigh in......

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